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Covid-19 Test

Antibody Testing now Available.

Covid-19 virus is rapidly evolving and the full characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 are still being revealed. Zens Medical Laboratory Guideline will continue to be updated as information comes through. Therefore, it is essential that healthcare workers seeking assistance via Zens Medical Guideline need to follow the most up to date guideline in regards to the infection.

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COVID-19 Types of Testing


Covid 19 testing requirements in Fiji

There are two types of Covid 19 test.

1. Arrival Rapid Antigen test
This test is done after 48 hours and before the 72 hours of your arrival to Fiji.
The Covid test is a Rapid Antigen test and results are available after 15 minutes.

2. Departure Covid Test
The type of test and timing of the tests depends on the country you are travelling to and the country that you will transit through to your final destination.
For example, if you are going to the US then a Rapid antigen test is adequate and done one day before your departure time.

For Australia a PCR test is required.
We suggest you visit their websites before you book your Covid Test.

FAQ - Arrival Rapid Antigen Test.

Arrival Rapid Antigen Test.

1) What is the age cut off for the Arrival antigen test?
12 years and above

2) How much is the test cost?
Varies from $25FJD to $50 FJD

3) Can I bring my own rapid antigen test kits?
Yes, but they need to be on the list of WHO and TGA Fiji approved list of rapid antigen test kits.
MOHMS requires an oversight to this test and the results need to be uploaded to the MOHMS portal. So, the resort may need to charge an oversight and admin fee of $30FJD per test.

4) If I am staying for 4 or 5 nights and I need to do my departure PCR tests, do I still need to do my Arrival Rapid antigen test after 48 hours?
In this scenario of 4 to 5 nights stay, your departure PCR test (which is not more than 72 hours) is adequate as long as the PCR test will be available within 24 hours.
So, no need for the Arrival Rapid Antigen test.

5) What if I am tested positive with the Arrival Rapid Antigen test ?
A PCR test will be done on the same day to confirm if you have Covid 19 infection.

6) Can I ask for a copy of the Arrival Rapid antigen report?
Yes, the resort you are staying should be able to provide you a brief report.

FAQ - PCR test / Rapid Antigen Departure Test.

PCR test / Rapid Antigen Departure Test.

1) What test should I perform for my departure?
The PCR test is required as a departure test from Fiji to most countries like Australia, China and Canada.
US requires a Rapid Antigen test and a hard copy of the report.

2) What is the cut-off for the departure Rapid Antigen Test?
For US, the cut-off age is 2 years and above.

3) How much is the cost of a PCR test?
The price is $250FJD.

4) What is the age cut off for the departure PCR test?
For Australia, above 4 years of age

5) What is the turnaround time for the PCR test?
Usually between 24 to 36 hours.

6) When should I do my Departure PCR test?
Suggest you booked in for the PCR test within the 72 and 48 hours of your departure time.
This will allow a good window for planning. At times when you test is intermediate MOHMS may require you to have a retest after 24 hours.

7) What if I am tested positive within the 3-month period before my travel?
Suggest that you bring in your previous positive report for your travel as there will be a good possibility that the PCR test may still turn positive in a small percentage of the populations. The previous positive report will assist the MOHMS to allow you to travel back home with a clearance letter.

When you come for your PCR swabbing, kindly inform the testing team at your resort to allow them to assist you with the clearance letter.

8) What if I am tested positive for Covid 19 infection?
You are required to go into 10 days isolation at the resort will be staying in.
Your family will also require to be quarantine separate from you for the next 10 days.

9) If I have missed my PCR test, can I get an emergency PCR test?
Yes, we provide an emergency PCR test cost at the price of $350FJD. Any PCR request within the 24 hours of their departure time will be classified as an emergency PCR test.
All urgent or emergency PCR test turnaround time is 6 hours.

Clients need to cover the transportation cost to our Nadi Lab and the swab need to arrive 6 hours before the departure.
Results will be available 2 hours after the specimen reaches our lab.

Contact 7988425/ 7994189 (hours for calling – 8am to 5pm)
Email: [email protected]

PCR Test

• PCR test $350 (VIP) effective from today 04/01/22.
• Australian guests to have their PCR tests between 96 and 72 hours before their flight (Fiji is one of the exempted countries to have the extend 96 hours pre-departure PCR testing.)
• Due to the spike in Covid cases, processing time of specimen filters up to 48 hours.
• Results are validated and dispatched by a day before departure.
• Emergency tests are given to passengers on need basis, ONLY after assessment is done by our medical officer in-charge. Emergency test will incur a fee of $450. [Emergency tests involve streamlining administration and lab processing for prioritization]

Contact Information

Contact 7988425 / 7994189 (hours for calling – 8am to 5pm)
Email: [email protected]

Test Location

Zens Namaka Centre, Beside ANZ Bank.