Quality Management

Improvement & Effectiveness

Quality management seeks to improve effectiveness of treatments and increase patient satisfaction with the service. With an aging population and rising health care costs, quality management in health care is gaining increased attention. A health care system comprises small and large entities, such as pharmacies, medical clinics and hospitals, and all components need to provide quality service for the system to work properly.

Our Quality Management System Principles

Zens Medical Centre (ZMC) Quality management System principles highlighted below shows a comprehensive, fundamental rules by which the healthcare organizations are governed and managed,with the aim of continuously improving the performance relevant to our patients and/or clients and other stakeholders and interested parties.

Customer focus: ZMC, when providing healthcare services, respect and have customer (patient/client) centered approach. This approach is an important objective in the development of its services as it constitutes one of the main drivers for its healthcare services reforms. Customers are the ones for
whom such organizations exist and their needs, demands and expectations must be paid special attention as everything starts and ends with the customer. ZMC also slowly adhered to international patients safety goals ensuring and addressing specific areas of concern in some of the most problematic
areas of patients safety with the implementation of infection control and risk management policies.

Stakeholder involvement: Customers are not the only group whose needs and requirements should be met. Moreover, adequate worth must also be provided to employees, local and global community, investors and society in general, in terms of both financial and non-financial aspects of a company performance. Therefore, defining the healthcare service, often, requires the identification of needs, expectations and requirements of all stakeholders and interested parties that, in addition to the service provider and health insurance, include customer as well as the physician and doctor.

Leadership: Leadership is crucial for the management of the healthcare organizations and the quality management system of those organizations that adopted customer centered approach. Leaders have the role to inspire, promote and support the organizational culture of quality. The quality improvement is equally contributed by doctors and managers – doctors in the field of their professional practice and managers in the field of quality and safety of all the services provided by the healthcare.

People and care vision: ZMC vision is ‘’Caring As Family’’ where every customer are served and treated as an employee family member. The exceptional role of ZMC employees is present in all areas and man of all work. ZMC Employees, as one of the most valuable resources of today, become a powerful lever for strengthening the competitive advantage of the majority of contemporary organizations in healthcare.

Process orientation: ZMC healthcare services implemented an integrated and multidisciplinary processes that unite different functions, clinical specialist activities as well as the variety of providers of healthcare services which are innovative and available 24 hours. Systems are in place for evaluation and
rewarding that will be based on the achieved results of the process.

Guidance through information: Nowadays, healthcare organizations exchange a great number of different healthcare information and provide a great number of healthcare services, all with the support of modern information technologies. All Zens Medical Centre’s have implemented the Direct Control
System in its effort to standardize its healthcare informatics ensuring data collection is more efficient and information is transmitted more effectively.

Partnerships for quality across healthcare services: When ZMC provide its quality healthcare services, it ensures coordination with other healthcare organizations providers. There are many different healthcare organizations that ZMC interact with and, sometimes, in a regional context, we can talk
about a whole network of healthcare organizations that, by networking at different levels, contain a “partnership for quality across healthcare services”.

Demand oriented care: ZMC differ from other healthcare organizations in its approach in determining the needs and expectations of customers with its vision ‘’Caring As Family’’. Therefore, the fundamental changed implemented is to change the treatment paradigm based on the opinion of the doctor taking into account the patient’s opinion to the treatment based, particularly, on the needs, demands and expectations of the customer.

Mutually beneficial supplier relationship: ZMC ensures that its third party services such as technical support, information and communication services, business consulting, recruitment services, sanitation and training have positive effect on the quality of its healthcare provision and its outcomes.

Continual improvement: ZMC strongly believe in continuous improvement, adequacy and effectiveness of its quality management system. Therefore its four center’s, also focus on these principles that encourages continuous learning which positively contributes to the development and continual improvement of the healthcare its provides to its customers.

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